Top Sushi

Top Sushi

Branding, Design
and development

Understanding the audience allows us to develop visuals that reflect the intention of the product.

Graphics and Printing

The design of your logo must fully represent the cultural appeal and the experice of the enviroment must be felt. Our client chose the name “Top Sushi” which didn’t fully represent the culture or the exotic creations coming out of their kitchen, but it did imply the best or number one. That being said we made sure to create a design where that exotic flavor would show through, the logo and menu design had to blend eastern design in a north American setting. Even though there menu had so many items we created a visual food experience as well. They say “We eat through our eyes!”

A-Frame Banner Stand

Our client wanted something that can grab the attention of cars driving by, the message had to be brief and right to the point. Also when building an A-Frame this allows the client to change the content of the message at a low cost. “Ask us how!”

Exterior Signage

What are your available options, an existing box frame, maybe no electrical outlets? No matter we can provide an affordable solution that adds value to your property and showcases your location.

Banner Flags

This solution of using banner flags around the parking lot surely grabbed a lot of attention, moving in the wind and very noticable from a distance. The flags injected a lot of new patrons in 2020, clients were drawn to the flags and people received a subliminal message when driving to and from home. With Covid lockdowns the increase of online ordering changed the market place and the right tools helped this restauranteur not only stay afloat but thrive throughout the pandemic.

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Business Cards

The goal was to create a complete Asian appeal, enhancing the cultural design and flavor.

Top Sushi