Your City Guide

There’s always so much happening in your city. From the quiet solitude of a local park, to the clamour of a Friday night downtown. From the joyful exhilaration of children playing together, to the cacophony of sound at a local sporting event. 
Your city is most definitely alive! It’s vibrant, busy and captivating. It’s your city. You know it well. 
But many of your friends and neighbours, community residents and certainly visitors, probably don’t know of all the neat places to visit, activities to share and quaint little shops to explore. They know there’s plenty to do; they just don’t know how to find out what and where it is. 
One new and exciting online magazine that solves this perplexing conundrum is Your City Guide. Yes, there’s an abundance of places to look for information. But Your City Guide brings you unrivalled choices in a wide variety of categories. Sports, entertainment, fine dining or fast food, the arts, shopping and products and services are all featured in this family-friendly magazine. Already up and running in Montreal and Lisbon, Portugal, Your City Guide will be launching 6 new additions. 
1. Ste- Dorothée, Laval West, Laval-sur-la Lac, Québec Canada
2. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
3. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
4. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5. NDG/Montreal 2nd edition, Quebec, Canada
6. Lisbon, Portugal 2nd edition, Europe
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