Video Services

Need to motivate your audience? Video may be the medium of choice since film and or video has been designed to provoke and emotional response and also great for providing in depth and detailed information. Channeling your presentation through web or other multimedia platforms may provide the results you are looking in a very cost-effective manner. The right video to your website may develop the following 4 areas:
• Generate more traffic
• Increase sales
• Build awareness
• Have your website stand out amongst the milions

Video and TV advertising has been ranked first among all medias, “most exciting”,”most influential”,”most persuasive”. Streaming video provides visuals with sound to excite the viewers experience. The most powerful marketing method that will provide a definite advantage over the competition.


Get an early start on designing the campaign spot. Begin researching as early as four to eight months in advance of the desired campaign. Take full advantage of the color and motion capabilities of the screens.

Making an Effective 10 to 30-Second Spot Confirm that the budget allows for all design and production costs. Designers and production houses can provide general information, design options, help estimate costs, and advise on timing. A starter list of service providers is provided at the end for to help begin the research process.

Provide a clear brief to the production company or editor so that your needs are met.
Remember: the purpose of outdoor promotion is to create awareness, attract attention, expose the brand/event, provide details and information, and elicit a response.

To attract attention in this small window of opportunity, the images must create an impact, text should be clear, and the consumer should be able to understand the content in a few seconds, What or Who, when, where and how.

Provide copy which is clear and simple, what or whoit is, when it is, where it is and how to respond or get further details ( phone no. or web address, or both).

Keep font styles bold and simple, do not mix fonts if possible, provide the font if the production company or editor does not have it.

This is a visual medium. At the minimum, photography and/or graphics are required for the spot to be effective. Both photographs and Illustrations can be animated to give the spot more life.

You can utilize existing poster artwork by animating graphical elements. To do this, provide the designer/production house with art that has been separated into layers. This is an inexpensive technique and helps provide continuity to marketing efforts. Provide clear, bold logos, and large graphics and photo artwork to the designer and/or production house (high res JPEG, TIFF, or EPS - image size 300 dpi at 720 x 480).


Corporate video, training videos, and website informational video productions with great sensitivity and an eye for exciting graphics. Using humor and/or clear concise dialogue will often times provide outstanding results.


With the right systems in place, and the utilization of our CD/DVD production duplication services, you can get your projects done on time every time.

We offer CD/DVD production and silk screening services that are cost effective and extremely affordable for any size project.