Strive to Improve!

Personal Care leads to Effective Communication, a Sharp Brand and a Strong Network.

Today’s Businesses are facing one of the most challenging economic strains in history. The industry has to deal with multi-level management and competing with thousands of similar businesses, similar products and standards. To ensure a constant and efficient presence we must continuously strive to improve our product.

Olton, (Marketing & Communication, OMC) provides solutions and expertise that give our customers superior results in rich media marketing; graphics, social media, web design, video and print. We also offer hosting, e-commerce and a variety other online and offline initiatives and services.

Over the years OMC has work with many companies, small, medium and large. We’ve helped establish or enhanced brands, online presence, e-commerce capabilities, and marketing strategies.


Why Choose Us:


Understanding the constant demands on today’s business has been the trigger that helped propel OMC’s position in this ever changing work place. Serving people first has been in the forefront of this Company’s Mission. Identifying exactly what the individuals needs are and building an effective solution that provide immediate results, supporting their business and personal requirements.


Being a team player does have its advantages! Promoting continued education, empowering the team, looking for solutions as a group is the difference between profitable success and unfortunate disaster. We have found that using the right tools with the right people has proven to be a quite successful recipe, develop you team to ensure that each individual is able to reach his or her potential, become accommodating to their needs and aim them in the right direction.


As we have learned over the years it’s not the size, name or brand of the supplier that makes them the right fit. The question was and still is “Can the supplier accommodate our needs at this moment and maintain a solid commitment, service correctly and last but not least,provide an acceptable price (not necessarily the lowest but one that you could live with).” As you grow you may have no choice but to leave some suppliers or otherwise redefine your needs with existing providers, these may sometimes be hard choices but essential for your continued growth.

We’ve adapted! Have you?

We’ve adapted our business plan to accommodate your changing market. What have we done? It’s simple, we address your needs head on, maintain your projects budget and deliver on time.
You have heard it all before, but it doesn’t stop there!
Working with business coaches and continuously upgrading our skills we are able to provide some insight on new trends, marketing initiatives and products that will help sustain your company’s growth and lend a hand to your future successes.